Dog Photography

Session Fee £50

I LOVE working with Dogs! When I was born, my parents had two Great Danes and a Pug and I have lived with dogs ever since, so working with them comes second nature to me!

My Dog Portrait Sessions can either be held in the Studio or outdoors. Plessey Woods in Bedlington is only a few minutes away from the studio and is currently my favourite place for photographing dogs! Shooting outdoors means they can run around and be themselves, allowing me to capture their playfulness and true character and personality. 

After the shoot, you come to the studio to view the finished images, select your favourites and we will guide you through the product range to choose the best way to showcase your photographs.

Book your dogs photo shoot for a simple session fee of £50 which you get back as credit to spend on products at your viewing.


Get in touch for more information or to book your shoot today!